Friday, January 3, 2014

Control all the system sounds with Ultimate Sound Control

There are plenty of Android system sounds - unlock sound, camera shutter sound, calling sounds..but none of them can be changed. There comes the Ultimate Sound Control app! This app, except replacing any system sound lets you to adjust any volume of any sound or even completely disable the sounds.

Ultimate Sound Control is literally ultimate. If you don't like the unlock sound, you can replace it with any sound or better, if you want - you can disable it. Is your camera shutter sound too loud? Lower the volume with Ultimate Sound Control! Of course, you can do it manually by replacing the system files but that's way more dangerous and requires much more time. This app does it all without any problems!

In case you don't wanna lose your system sounds you can backup them - and restore if you don't like the custom one. This app requires root access to work.

As always, the app comes in two versions - free and paid version. Unfortunately, not all the features are provided in free version so if you want to replace system sounds with your custom sound, you have to buy the paid one.

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