Sunday, January 12, 2014

[APK] dSploit / cSploit - The All-in-one hacking tool for Android

There are many hacking apps and tools providing many useful and less useful features such like WiFiKill, Faceniff, DroidSheep and others. Up till now nobody's ever created a toolbox that would actually provide all the hacking features in one application! However, now there's such an application. Meet dSploit. Download the newest version here!

So, what does this app has to offer?
The answer is - just everything. Password recovery, kill conections, session hijack (FB/Twitter/Many more account hack), site redirect, image replace and many, many more.


dSploit mostly offers the MITM (Man In The Middle) attacks, which is redirection of sites, connection killer, session hijacker or script injector - you can inject a script to any website if you want - it can be message or whatever you want.

dSploit is available in two versions - stable and nightly. As you might know, the nightly is experimental and might cause problems but brings out new features and stuff. Both of the versions are free.

Attention: Good news, dsploit merges with Zimperium company and create the most powerful hacking tool for Android, free download!
Please check the newer article: 

Note the application and its features are for educational purposes only. The abuse may be illegal in your country.

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