Monday, January 6, 2014

[APK] Blackmart - Get paid apps for free with this cracked Google Play

Tired of searching apk files on the internet? Not anymore! Blackmart is a new app that offers you paid apps (and not only them) completely for free! To be excact, Blackmart is kind of a "cracked Google Play" made by users. If you have any app to add, just add it there. Isn't that cool?

Needless to say,  Blackmart is not only for "illegal" uses. Blackmart owners are not responsible for the APK files provided in there. On the brighter side, if you have any app you don't (or can't) publish on Google Play Market, you just publish it on Blackmart so at least users of this app can download your app.

Shortly said, Blackmart is a download manager providing many APK files from various sources of the internet. Unlike Google Play, you don't have to pay in case you want to download any paid app.

Unfrotunately, downloading from Blackmart might not be always that fast - it takes a long time and download speed is really poor.

As the author says:

"Personally I do not agree to download applications without buying them, but if we test its performance before purchase to our smartphone comprovar that work well, this is our choice."

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