Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Amazing Battery Saver - Disable Mobile Cores To Save Your Battery!

Everybody knows these "powerful" battery savers that are capable to save up to 20% of your battery life by just adjusting your screen brighteness and shutting off your WiFi and other services. These apps doesn't even require root access to work, but as the description always says, our app is revolutionary. Let's wave them goodbye and let's meet some real battery savers that can really save your battery. Meet real mobile-core manager.

Powerful, high-end devices all face one big problem - high battery drain. This, among other things, is also caused by their high performance, by the cores. The more cores you basically have on your device, the more will be the battery drain.

But what if we can stop the cores to save more battery? Well, It is possible.

QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver ★ - screenshot thumbnailQCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver ★ - screenshot thumbnailQCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver ★ - screenshot thumbnail

Meet QCM+, the real mobile-core manager. This is a real battery saver. As you might expect, this app lets you to copmletely disable mobile cores separately and save an incredible amount of your battery life.
Obviously, you won't be able to use this application if your device hasn't got two or more cores.
And obviously, the app requires root.

If you don't want to turn your cores ON and OFF again and again to both save battery and make your phone "usable", you can enable the awesome feature called ACOO (Automated CPU ON/OFF) which will automaticlly manage the mobile cores and turn off all the cores but one when your screen is OFF.

After the screen is turned on, the ACOO mode will turn the cores back ON to retrieve the performance.
Moreover, the app is available for free on Google Play:

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