Monday, December 9, 2013

ZIPme - Create a flashable ZIP of everything!

It's terrible to restore and lose all of your apps after a full wipe in case you want ot install a new ROM..
ZIPme is a powerful and really amazing tool that lets you to create a flashable ZIP easily within few minutes! You just choose the compoments that has to be included in the ZIP (Apps, build.prop file, boot animation, hosts or system fonts) and after a full wipe, just flash the ZIP to get all of your data back! Isn't that amazing?

Jared Rummler, better known for his company JRummy Apps, is a creator of some splendid apps such as root browser, ROM Toolbox, Font Installer and more. Now, he has made a really useful and amazing tool called ZIPme, that creates a flashable ZIP of everything you want.

ZIPme - screenshot thumbnailZIPme - screenshot thumbnailZIPme - screenshot thumbnail

ZIPme can create a ZIP literally of everything: Apps (including data), build.prop settings, bootanimation, system fonts, accounts, system settings, messages, wallpapers, hosts and much more.

ZIPme, as the author says, simplifies your life. And I can confirm that. ZIPme requires root to work (obviously) and should work on all ICS/JB based ROMs. However, the app is currently in "beta" stage and may contain some hiccups. Be careful, than and backup some apps once again in case this app fails :-).

You can download the app for free on Google Play Store.

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