Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ultra Fast App Launching with T9 AppDialer

How long it takes to open an application you want? Have you ever thought of it? If you have a lot of apps installed, it may take you even ten seconds till you find and open the desired app. Is that too much? With T9 AppDialer, you can open any app you want within a few seconds! Isn't that great?

First, check the pics so you can imagine the speed of launching the apps:

App Dialer–local T9 app search - screenshotApp Dialer–local T9 app search - screenshotApp Dialer–local T9 app search - screenshot

As the name says, the entire app works on T9 basis. What's that? It's like a classic dialer but instead of numbers, you put the letters of app you want to launch, example: Chrome - you press 2+4+6+6+3 and you're done. In most cases, you won't need to put all the numbers of the app because you will probably find the desired app among others. Definitely better than app drawer, uh?

The app is available in two versions - Free & Paid (as you might expect).
The paid version offers a lot of minor features but also lets you to place and use the widget - which is really amazing feature letting you to open any app without even opening the app drawer!

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