Thursday, December 19, 2013

Smart Google Dialer from Nexus 5 ported for all Android devices

Google Nexus 5 (And Android KitKat, generally) has revealed a bunch of new apps and features. Some of them, like the Google Experience Launcher has been ported, some of them haven't. Now, we can finally try out the smart Google Dialer app ported directly from the Nexus 5!

Obviously, this app is made for dialing (here comes the name dialer) but also offers you a cool, handy feature: automatic phone number searching of corporations and more.


The bad thing is, you gotta need Android KitKat in case you want to install this app.
There are, as usually,  two ways to install this app:  you can simply install the APK file or if you're rooted, just flash the ZIP file. Google Dialer does not replace your current dialer but be careful, problems may appear.

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