Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Official MIUI Launcher and Locker available on Google Play!

Do you know MIUI? No? MIUI is a ROM that may look as a iOS for someone. Well, it's very similar to it. It hasn't got any app drawer, everything is on the main screen. Apart from iOS, MIUI offers alot of widgets and bunch of customizable sutff. Launcher is very pretty, though! And this launcher, as you might expect, has been ported officialy by MIUI and it's available on Google Play.

First of all, take a quick look at pics of this launcher to see how it actually looks:

Mi Launcher - screenshot thumbnailMi Launcher - screenshot thumbnailMi Launcher - screenshot

Don't worry about chinese, MiHome also supports english. MIUI is fast, smooth, has a pretty animations and it's highly customizable even though it's basically one homescreen. MiLauncher also contains a locker, which looks pretty nice also.

If you like to customize your lockscreen, consider installing the MiLocker - "the most powerful unlock screen app" as the author says. MiLocker is highly customizable with a bunch of sliders and stuff you can unlock your phone with:

MiLocker - screenshot thumbnailMiLocker - screenshot thumbnailMiLocker - screenshot thumbnail

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