Wednesday, December 25, 2013

[NO ROOT] How to change the color of notification LED?

Plenty of devices now have notification LED lights. These lights, as the name says, notify you every time you got a new SMS, mail, or if anything happens. The light may come very handy sometimes but you cannot really distinguish whether you recieved a mail, or if it's a message. You have just to wake your phone up to see what's really happening. Well, not anymore. This handy app lets you to change the color of your LED and even doesn't require root access!

You obviously need a phone that has notification LED with color support to get this thing to work. The app is called Light Flow and it rocks:

This app will allow you to control the notification color for -

* SMS messages,
* MMS messages,
* New Gmail messages
* New e-mails
* Calendar reminders
* Missed calls
* Low battery
* Bluethooth
* Google Talk notifications / Hangouts
* Handcent
* No signal
* SMS Popup
* ChompSMS
* K9 mail
* Silent mode
 .. And many more, such like FB Messenger. It has simple interface, nice & smooth animations and it's really easy to control.

Light Flow Lite - LED Control - screenshot thumbnailLight Flow Lite - LED Control - screenshot thumbnailLight Flow Lite - LED Control - screenshot thumbnail

The lite version is available on the Google Play Store for free but unfortunately, it's just a demo - the free version takes approximately 12 flashes (or 20 seconds) to change its color but the paid one changes its color almost immediatelly. So if you really want to use this app (and don't wanna wait till the LED turns its color), consider buying a paid version.

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