Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Keymonk - The Fastest Keyboard Ever?

Everybody knows a feature called Swype. It's a nice tool letting you to type faster than ever before - by swyping your finger above letters to create a word. It's a nice, fast and relatively accurate thing. But what if we, instead of one finger, used two fingers (therefore two swypes) to write even faster? Meet Keymonk - The world's fastest keyboard.

So, how this all works? Check out the video:

Looks complicated? Don't worry. You'll get used to it. Simply put, it's just like the others swypes but this time, you use two swypes instead of one. These screenshots might help you to find out how excatly are the words put:

Keymonk Keyboard Free - screenshot thumbnail
Keymonk Keyboard Free - screenshot thumbnailKeymonk Keyboard Free - screenshot

It may look complicated but it's really not that bad. You should definitely give it a shot. You will be surprised. Bad thing is, the amount of supported languages is currently low but as the author says, there will be more languages very soon.

Paid version may seem a bit overtaken for you (3.6$) but it will definitely help the author and you can get access to more features such like custom words saving, hide suggestion bar and more.

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