Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hidden Eye - Find out who's taking your device while you're away

Ever wanted to know who's taking your devicr while you're away? This hand app lets you to find out! It's called Hidden Eye and watches over your device while you actually don't use it. It takes video and audio and even launches alarm, if you enable it.
App has a simple and easy-to-use interface with a few actions, the whole app looks looks like this:

Hidden Eye - screenshot thumbnailHidden Eye - screenshot thumbnail

All you need to basically do, is to enable the device manager (turn the HiddenEye ON) and you're done. The app will automaticlly record sound&audio while someone uses it. You can obviously watch who had borrowed your phone - you can see pictures, audio and video of the person that "steals" your device.

Paid version of the app offers much more features, such like location of your phone, deleting individual pictures, larger image previews, no ads and more:

HiddenEye Plus - screenshot thumbnailHiddenEye Plus - screenshot thumbnail

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