Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Get KitKat Launcher for Android 2.3 GingerBread!

Ever wanted to customize your device with a custom launchers or theming apps but because of your system you cannot install these? Not Anymore! Now you're able to get Android KitKat Launcher on your Android 2.3 GingerBread!

You're probably thinking: "Ow, KitKat Launcher for Gingerbread? That's probably some poor launcher that doesn't even look like the KitKat one..." ..Well, you're wrong! This launcher has to offer a bunch of features and pretty animations!

It has all of the stuff that the original Google Experience Launcher has and much more:

  • KitKat style page select
  • Small page indicator
  • Crisp HD icons (looks pretty nice!)
  • Super smooth UI
  • Fast startup
  • Very nice animations
  • And more!

Of course, the launcher will work on newer Android versions - ICS, Jellybean and KitKat. But in this case, you should try the original Google Experience Launcher.


The good thing is, you don't really need to root your device in case you want to install this launcher. Only thing you need to do is to install the app as usual (by opening the APK file) and then just set-up your launcher.

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