Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sidebar - A new way of multitasking

Does your phone support one-click multitasking? No? Well, you might not be satisfied with long-home button then, are you? Here's a better solution. Try Sidebar - A new way of multitasking. This will free you from silly and slow multitasking launch - you'll see!

Sidebar is designed to be fast, smooth and powerful without taking a lot of battery life or high RAM usage.
And what excatly is that Sidebar? It's, as the author says, the new, brilliant new way of multitasking.
I have to admit, this app is made very pretty. Except multitasking, you can quickly open toggles - enable WiFi, bluetooth and more. And everything by just one swype of your finger.

Sidebar Lite - screenshot thumbnailSidebar Lite - screenshot thumbnailSidebar Lite - screenshot

And yes, this all is in one sidebar. Pro version offers custom icons, right side swype, task management, adjustments and unlimited items - only for 1.8$. There's a free version as well, obviously. You can get it from Google Play here.

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