Sunday, November 17, 2013

How to speed up Home Button response and make Apps Launch Much Faster?

I've heard a bunch of complaints of slow launcher redrawing, lazy home button response and poor speed overall at launching apps. Well, you might not believe, but it's relatively easy to fix this problem and make launcher and apps launching way faster!

This slow re-launching of all apps is caused by simple "phenomenon" - it's been closed. We all know how fast is it, to open minimalized apps and brag yourself that your phone is the fastest in opening apps, right?
We also know when the RAM is running low, the minimalized apps are getting killed to prevent of reboot caused by low usage. But what if we lock these apps to memory and protect them from getting killed by system? It's possible.

If you read my recent post (not that recent, tho), you know the Pimp My ROM is an awesome app. It's way more useful than ROM Toolbox! (In my opinion) It offers a bunch of tools, tweaks and features that will make your phone rock.
One of these features is that we're going to use now. Yes, it's a lock-apps-in-memory feature.

Firstly, download the app HERE. Grant the superuser rights and make a rescue package - so if something (anything) goes wrong, you can easily revert  your system back. After that, proceed to tools tab and tap on lock apps in memory. Wait till it loads and you're done!

Now, if you swype an application and tap lock in memory, the app won't be closed and you can enjoy your phone's speed. If you think your home button is taking nap and launcher redraws all the time, lock launcher in memory.

After locking your desired apps, fully reboot your device to take the effect. Please mind if you lock too much apps in memory, the system might even not boot up and you won't be able do anything due to low RAM memory.

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