Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Get Android 4.4 on your Xperia Z!

Recent leaks for Android 4.4 are going really insane. This time it's Xperia Z, that has finally recieved the brand new, Android 4.4. What more to say - just go and get it!

As always, it's not 100% working build that has absolutely no issues - check the known issues:

  • Selecting a Mobile network manually will cause the 'Please wait...' dialog to stay even after the phone registered to the network. Just hit the 'home' button to make the dialog vanish.
  • Syncing the Calendar with google may not work on a fresh 4.4 installation. Reboot your phone 2 times and it should be fine. 

Except these, everything should be working well without any problems.
This ROM contains all of features that Android 4.4 actually has: transparent battery and soft keys bar and many more KitKat features.
The ROM runs relatively smoothly without any noticable lags or sudden restarts.


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