Friday, November 29, 2013

Draw2Dial - The fastest way to call your friends by drawing a gesture

I bet you hate that slow process when calling a friend - opening your contacts, waiting when the list loads up, find the contact you want to call and finally call him/her. But what if you just draw a number on your lockscreen and you start to call the contact immediately? Try Draw2Dial!

Draw2Dial, as the author says, is the fastest way to call your favourite people. And it's true! Everyhing you need to do is to set up the final gesture and if you want to dial the contact, just perform the action/gesture to start calling him!

Draw2Dial - screenshot thumbnail

It's that simple. App should work properly on all ROMs running Android 2.2 and above.
Draw2Dial is currently available for free on Google Play in current version 1.3.
As the Main XDA thread says, the 1.4 version will be here in a jiffy with a lockscreen support so if you want to join the beta-test, drop a line there!

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