Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tweak your phone all the ways with Pimp My ROM

Android is an open source. That means it offers custom customization (such as ROMs) or themes. Moreover, Android is special in this thing. You can create a bunch of widgets, customize your homescreen, apps, just everything. Therefore, I expect every Android user should love customization and just general horseplay with his device. Let's have a look at awesome app called Pimp My ROM that offers you incredible amount of tweaks and settings.

This thing works and is very similar to ROM Toolbox. ROM Toolbox is a handy app developed by JRummy apps that puts everything that should every root user have into one app.
It offers you a CPU Master, font changer, build.prop editor and much much more things.

Pimp My ROM is very similar. I don't know why, but I found this app even better than the ROM Toolbox.
Why? It's most likely because it offers not only these ordinary tools like CPU Master and others but much more better: ROM Tweaks. Check this:

Pimp My Rom (Beta) - screenshot thumbnailPimp My Rom (Beta) - screenshot thumbnailPimp My Rom (Beta) - screenshot

App is in beta version, though it works pretty well. With this app you can get an incredible amount of tweaks, even mods such as Beats Sound Improvement, Bravia Engine, Sony Album, XLoud and much more. Check the feature list:

***Network & Internet***
- Wifi Scan interval
- TCP Congestion Algorithm
- Media streaming tweaks
- Use Google DNS
- Enable/Disable HSUPA
- Protect against SYN attacks
- Avoid Time-Wait state
- Block all redirects & source-routing
- Various IPv4 tweaks

- 3 presets of OOM Groupings & Minfree
- 2 presets of zRam compression
- Adjust Dalvik & kernel to new values
- Renice low priority processes

***Dalvik VM***
- Heap Size selection
- Heap Growth-limit selection
- Heap Start Size selection
- Optimization Flags selection
- Enable/Disable JIT
- Enable/Disable JNI Error Checking
- Enable/Disable bytecode verification for Dalvik

- Governor tweaks
- I/O Scheduler tweaks
- Disabling I/O stats
- Enable/Disable Vsync
- Disable Normalized/NewFair/GentleFair Sleepers

***Toggle Android Features***
- Hardware Acceleration
- Force GPU rendering
- Surface Dithering
- Purgeable Assets
- 16bit Transparency
- Kernel JNI Error Checking
- Android Logger
- Locking launcher in memory

- Call Ring Delay
- Proximity Sensor delay
- In-Call amount of volume steps
- SMS & MMS retry timer if failed sending
- SMS & MMS amount of retries if failed sending
- Enable/Disable AMR Wideband

***Touchscreen & Display***
- Amount of fingers recognized by the screen (multitouch)
- Minimum amount of time between 2 touch events (Pointer Duration)
- Maximum amount of events per second WindowsManager can handle
- SurfaceFlinger's minimum velocity
- SurfaceFlinger's maximum velocity
- Enable/Disable FPS Capping

- Optimize sqlite3 databases at each boot
- I/O Tweaks for ext4 file-systems
- Internal & External sdcard tweaks
- Zipalign all apks at each boot
- Various battery saving tweaks
- Various camera quality tweaks
- Raising jpg quality to 100%
- Enable quickpoweron

Except tweaks, app also offers a bunch of other stuff: mods, tools and apps.
I can personally say this is one of the app that should be published in  top apps for rooted phones. Definitely.

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