Saturday, October 5, 2013

Picture Password Lockscreen - Unlock your phone by drawing circles, lines or points

TwinBlade company has developed such a cool app named Picture Password Lockscreen. This app lets you secure your phone different way by placing a picture on your lockscreen. Sounds weird? Maybe, but it's awesome. If you're about to unlock your phone, you have to draw a gesture on the picture by drawing lines, circles, points or whatever you set to finally unlock your phone. This method of unlocking your phone is either secure and very fast and easy to put due to an image on your lockscreen.

First of all, let's take an example how the entire app works. If you put the picture with lamps on your lockscreen, it's easy to remember the gesture - connect the lamps, draw a circle around the light and point in the middle of the other one. Teoretically, nobody has any chance to unlock your phone.

Picture Password Lockscreen - screenshot thumbnailPicture Password Lockscreen - screenshot thumbnail

This app also comes in a pro version containing some extra features like:

- Screen Lock Delay
- Tasker Plugin
- Lock Control Widget
- Time Display
- Theme Color
- Greater Allowed Number And Combination Of Gestures
- Widget Locker Support
- Music Controls
- System Wallpaper Cropper
- Multiple Gesture Sets: Cycle between multiple sets of images and gestures every unlock
- Missed Calls and Unread SMS Counts

If you like the app, head over to pro version to support the dev!

For experimental uses, there also exists a beta version with some extra features and improvements, you can get it HERE.

Get it on Google Play (small)

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