Sunday, October 27, 2013

Intercepter-NG - Another hacking tool?

There are so many hacking apps and tools such as dSploit, Faceniff, WifiKill and much more. Disadvantage of this apps are they are not slightly official and cannot be even found on Google Play store. Intercepter, however, is a hacking tool as well, moreover can be found on Google Play Store! Is that even possible?

Short way,
Intercepter is a multifunctional network toolkit. If you ever heard of Wireshark, you know what I'm talking of. Intercepter-ng (Full name) has to offer a lot of  "forbidden" feature such as:

  • Password recovery
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Files and cookies recovery
Intercepter-NG (ROOT) - screenshotIntercepter-NG (ROOT) - screenshot

Simply put: Yes, Intercepter is capable to hack accounts and passwords.

Moreover, this app is officialy available on the Google Play Store! Surprised? Me too. Be sure not to abuse with this app, tho'!

By installing and using the app you agree with terms to use the app only for educational purposes only.

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