Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to set brightness of hardware keys?

We all know the apps such as Screen Filter that adjust your screen brightness but all of these apps are missing something. They cannot adjust the brightness of hardware keys (The keys you have under the screen, usually home, menu, back or recent apps button).
The app called "Capacitive Buttons" can set the brightness of these but unfortunately, the app is supported only for Htc One series.

Capacitive Buttons app should work well on these devices:

  •  HTC One X (evita, North American variant, dual-core)
  •  HTC One X (endeavoru, International variant, quad-core)
  •  HTC One X+ (evitareul)
  •  HTC One
  •  HTC One S
Except these, there is an unofficial supported devices list which means that there's been at least one report of working app but no development effort has been focused on them yet.

Capacitive Buttons - screenshot thumbnailCapacitive Buttons - screenshot thumbnailCapacitive Buttons - screenshot thumbnail

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