Wednesday, October 2, 2013

[CLOSED BETA] Themer - Customize Your Homescreen With A Single Click

The MyColorScreen is not any big well-known company until recently, when they developed something new. It's called Themer and it's just awesome. Do you think your phone is boring? User not-friendly? Just like other's phone with ordinary design and stuff? You should get the Themer.
The main thing is, Themer offers you a complete customization with one single click. No separate widgets, long setting and choosing the wallpapers. Themer does it all.

2013-09-28 04.18.332013-09-30 15.33.532013-09-30 15.34.08
Pics by AndroidPolice

With Themer, you can create an impressive theme with icons even though you're not the best in customization and stuff like that.

2013-09-28 00.33.402013-09-28 01.15.452013-09-30 15.42.23

Well, it's got a hitch. The hitch is kinda' big: The app is closed beta right now. What does it mean?
That means you cannot use the app unless you have the code. The code will be assigned to you automaticlly. Happy waiting!

Get it on Google Play (large)

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