Monday, October 21, 2013

[AIR CONTROL] SensActions - Control your phone without touching it

Recently, the Samsung corporation has released its currently best phone - Samsung Galaxy S4. It contains a bunch (literally) of various functions, featues and stuff including Air Control. Is it possible to have it on every "ordinary" phone, too?

Air Control function offers a no-hands control using special movement sensor of Samsung Galaxy S4. But is it still available to have this function on your Android device as well?

As your phone probably doesn't have this movement sensor (unless it's really SGS4), it is still possible to have this function.

SensActions Lite - screenshot thumbnailSensActions Lite - screenshot thumbnailSensActions Lite - screenshot thumbnail

SensActions lets you to control your phone in any ways without even touching it. It lets you:

  • Lock/Unlock your phone
  • Answer/End calls
  • Change music tracks
  • Transform flashlight camera into torch
  • And more..

SensActions uses three sensors to perform such as these actions = Accelerometer, Proximity sensor and flashlight. To perform at least one action, your phone must have one of these sensor to work.
The app is available for free on Google Play:

Android app on Google Play (large)

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