Saturday, September 21, 2013

S4 Weather Widget Ported For ALL Android Devices!

It is here. Samsung Galaxy S4 weather widget has been ported again and now is available for ALL Android devices! The widget also comes in transparent variant - for those you like it transparent :)

There are bunch of S4 ports of weather widgets - for touchwiz ROMs only, for odexed/deodexed ROMs only, but now - not anymore! This port is now available for all Android ROMs based on Android 4.1+ Jellybean  - AOSP,CM10/10.1+,AOKP,Paranoid,MIUI and others!

The widget also comes in transparent variant -


To install this mod, simply flash the zip file via ClockWorkMod or other custom recovery.

If you desire to flash another S4 mods&apps, you might check this:

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