Friday, September 20, 2013

Original Galaxy S4 + Note 3 Lockscreen available for all Android devices

Do you like the stylish Galaxy S4 locksceen with its awesome lens flare effect? Or do you rather prefer the Galaxy Note 3 lockscreen with snappy ink effect? Well, now you can get them as an APK file available on Google Play for free! No root required!
To be honest, there are already plenty of various SGS4 lockscreens but none of them are original and are in some way different from the original one. However, there is one app that is excatly the same as the original Galaxy S4 / Note 3 lockscreen with all the effects, settings and customizations.

Galaxy Locker - screenshot thumbnailGalaxy Locker - screenshot thumbnailGalaxy Locker - screenshot thumbnail

Nice, isn't it? These effects are excatly the same and offers the same customizations including ripple effect, lens flare effect, and Galaxy Note 3 watercolour effect. Moreover, there are some extra effects added by the developer so if you like, you can also try them on.

Moreover, the app comes completely for free and does not require root to work! Just install and enjoy!

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