Thursday, September 12, 2013

MIUI - Ported Apps/Sounds/Launcher to your Android device

Everyone's heard about famous, CyanogenMod based ROM called MIUI. It's a ROM that is very simillar to iOS - but it's much better. It contains widgets, nice-themed multitasking, pretty interface and more.
Now you're able to get these apps also on your custom "whatever" ROM - all these apps including the launcher have been ported!

Short way: Some of the apps does, some does not require root access. Not all of the apps are supported for every device - be sure you have the relevant screen size, ROM version, etc.
Links will direct you to original XDA thread, which contains everything you need to know - supported devices, FAQ, screenshots and more.

Make sure to have a nandroid backup before flashing/modyfing systen files.

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