Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to protect my Android device from hackers?

You probably heard once about hacking apps such as: Faceniff, Wifikill, dSploit, Droidsheep and others. But how to protect against them? You'll be surprised, but it's quite easy. Always remember, you may not be the only one "hacker in da hous!".

To fully protect against attacks, you better find out how the hackers actually do their work. It's not that hard - basiclly, they are sniffing the packets "on air" and start capturing them. This method can be done either on PC (Aircrack/airodump/airmon) on Android (dSploit,droidsniff..). However, even the best apps (we're talking about Android now) cannot break through some defences. Let's see what defences and how to use them.


  1. One of the best defences is using the HTTPS protocol. With this, the sent packets are encrypted and hard to encrypt. Favourite method to break through this is SSLStrip.
  2. Next very vulnerable protection is VPN/Proxy. These methods are Pc-friendly but if you want to use the VPN on your Android phone also, use for example THIS site.
  3. Use a good browser such as Chrome, Mozilla and others, which can head off the attack.
  4. Use your brain and don't browse on unsecured websites.
  5. Most of Android hacking apps are not working on Applications, for example - Facebook app. If you're up to browse the wall, choose your app and not the browser.
  6. Definitely NOT browse on websites with unauthenticated certificate.
  7. Don't connect on non-password secured WiFi's, this may cost your password and more.
  8.  Download THIS app which can check the ARP-Cache and tell you, if there's attack and automaticlly protect you against it.

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