Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How To Make Youtube to run In Background?

Stock YouTube player has a lot of limitations - one of the biggest is that you cannot listen to songs while browsing somewhere else - YouTube can not run in the background. And how do we fix that? Get PVSTAR+!

PVSTAR+ is an average application with average design and interface, but with one special function that even original YouTube app hasn't got. It's background playback - listening to music while browsing web or doing anything else - app can be launched as a background process and play music and videos in the background.

PVSTAR+ (YouTube Music Player) - screenshot thumbnailPVSTAR+ (YouTube Music Player) - screenshot thumbnailPVSTAR+ (YouTube Music Player) - screenshot thumbnail

App has many features including various music modes, playback stuff, video shuffle and more.
To check the full list of features and FAQ, follow the link below:

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