Friday, September 20, 2013

Hack RUN - Hacking Game That Will Make You Think

Now let's have some fun. As we all know, this is a site where you find everything (but mostly hacks) regarding Android. Considering the word everything, there should be games as well, shouldn't be? Let me introduce you Hack RUN.

This games starts in a terminal where you know some basic commands such as ls, open, help, show and exit.  Your first objective is to open a readme.txt file, where you find out you're hired by unknown company. Next task is little bit harder - you have to hack an account of member called Alice. After that, you have the access to the net.

The game is not that easy at all, it will make you think. For example, while hacking passwords - hints are hidden in emails - remember if you don't know how to solve the problem, you can always give up and proceed to another level.

Hack RUN comes in two variants - Free and Paid. The free version doesn't offer too much, it's a demo version and it has cut story. The paid version offers a full story (which is not bad at all :)) and it's for 2$ only.

Hack RUN free - screenshot thumbnailHack RUN free - screenshot thumbnailHack RUN free - screenshot thumbnail

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