Wednesday, September 11, 2013

EasyGApps - An Elegant way of downloading G-Apps with one click

A Senior member of XDA, MBQ_ has made a really cool and useful app. It's called EasyGApps and it really makes the life easier. What does it do? Basiclly, it checks for the newest GApps and downloads them from official sources. That means - no more searching for the newest versions of GApps!

Simply put, this isn't any pro-tool making your phone awesome. But even the smallest things can be the biggest.

EasyGApps - screenshot thumbnailEasyGApps - screenshot thumbnailEasyGApps - screenshot thumbnail

Features of the app:

  • HardwareAccelerated enabled
  • Clears cache on exit
  • 8 different application themes to choose from
  • Great dev support
  • Extremely sleek and elegant design
  • Optimized Views
  • Much more!!

Enjoy your easier life :-)

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