Thursday, September 19, 2013

Best Keyboards For Android!

Keyboard is basiclly the main tool needed for communication. We type letters and words using keyboards and even numbers. Even for the simplest task such as searching the web requires keyboard. Now, what keyboard is the best? Are you using sufficient keyboard? Or is your keyboard really so bad?

#1 - Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard is one of the most popular keyboard among all Android users. Besides the classic (and very nice themed) keyboard with classic typing, this keyboard also brings swype feature supported for many languages. I personally use this keyboard and I am very pleased with it.

Klávesnice Google - screenshot thumbnailKlávesnice Google - screenshot thumbnail

#2 - SwiftKey 

SwiftKey is also one of the best keyboard available for Android. Unlike the Google Keyboard, the SwiftKey is highly customizable. It also has a nice and pretty interface, many features and also supports the swype feature.

SwiftKey Keyboard Free - screenshot thumbnailSwiftKey Keyboard Free - screenshot thumbnail

#3 - DynamicKeyboard

Dynamic Keyboard doesn't have the swype feature, neither any pretty interface. But it has something that even the best keyboards hasn't got yet. This keyboard can change its keys to make typing even faster.
This app has been released recently and well, it's not supported for many languages and also contains a lot of bugs.

Dynamic Keyboard - Free - screenshotDynamic Keyboard - Free - screenshot

#4 TouchPal X

Another keyboard, very simillar to others, including swype and word prediction also offers typing statistics and cool gestures which will make typing easier.

TouchPal X Keyboard - screenshot thumbnailTouchPal X Keyboard - screenshot thumbnail

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