Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dynamic Keyboard - The Keyboard that changes its keys while typing

A lot of keyboards can predict the word that you are going to write. These keys, however, are just displayed in extra line - they are whispering the words. But what if the keyboard changes its keys to make typing even faster? Meet the Dynamic Keyboard.

So what excatly can this keyboard do? It can predict the word you write and automaticlly enlarge the key. This enlarged key is therefore hard to miss, so you never miss the word and typing is even faster than before.
Watch the video:

Dynamic Keyboard - Free - screenshotDynamic Keyboard - Free - screenshotDynamic Keyboard - Free - screenshot

The app comes in a  two versions -  paid&free. Pro version offers more customizations, HD fonts, multiple languages at the same time and more.


Get it on Google Play (large)

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