Sunday, September 8, 2013

[APK] Apollo - CyanogenMod Music Player Ported To Android Devices

CyanogenMod, one of the greatest and best ROMs for Android devices is a AOSP (Android Open Source Project) ROM, which supports a lot of devices and it's based on stock Andriod. Besides this, the CM offers various improvements and extra apps, such as DSP Manager, Flash, or Music Player called Apollo. This app has been ported and it's now available either on your Android device running stock ROM!

As maybe someone already knows, the Apollo player has been added to the G-Play store but it's been banned from here due to meaningless reasons (author rights, maybe.?).
However, as we all good know, nothing can be stopped and unofficial builds of .APK file have been added to internet.

Apollo should be installed and ran properly on every ROM&kernel [2.3+].


Even it should run properly on every device, it may cause problems on some. Here's the installation guide for those you have some.

Method one:

  1. Download
  2. Put the file to your storage (SD/Internal)
  3. Install with a file manager.
  4. Problems? Proceed to the second method:
Method two (The hard one =P)

  1. Download
  2. Put/Push the file to /system/app (root is needed!)
  3. Set permissions to rw-r-r
  4. Reboot your device.

In the second method, the Apollo player should appear as a system app. Don't forget to do a backup before editing the system!


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