Saturday, August 10, 2013

Xposed Framework - Complete List Of Modules

Xposed Framework lets you modify your system without flashing or modyfing APK files. This framework uses various modules - these modules will easily modify your system. But these modules are not easy to find as a complete list, so you have to search untill you find your desired module. And that's a good reason why did we make a complete list of Xposed Framework modules!

If you don't know what is Xposed Framework, check THIS post to download & install the main module.


Misc. Modules - 

  • Disable battery full alert
  • Enable call recording
  • Scrolling launcher Wallpaper
  • Disable camera alerts
  • Enable camera on lockscreen
  • No increasing ringtone
  • Maximize widgets
  • Vine Downloader
  • Enable Car Dock
  • USB Storage Un-Mounter
  • And so on..

All-in-one tweakboxes -

StatusBar modding -

Themes & Useful stuff -

Mods for JellyBean -

Enablers & Disablers -

Security mods -

Mods for TouchWiz -

Mods for Xperia -

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