Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Twisty Launcher - Shake your device to open an app

As you maybe know, the Moto X phone lets you  open camera by just moving your device. Now, the app called Twisty Launcher lets you to choose over three gestures to open any application!

The name Twisty Launcher may be misleading for someone beacuse it's not basically the launcher. (I mean that with icons and stuff). It's just an application running in the background and monitoring the gyroscope.
As I wrote, the app contains three gestures. Unfortunately, you have to buy them. Available free gesture is only one.

Twisty Launcher - screenshot thumbnailTwisty Launcher - screenshot thumbnailTwisty Launcher - screenshot thumbnail

Chop twice is only one gesture free, other are only for paid version.

Even though the app may seem fun, don't expect to be as with Moto X. You have to unlock your device first before doing the gesture, plus the recognizing is also not on the highest level.

Have fun anyways!

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