Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Nexus 7 2013 makeover - Tablet UI To Your Nexus 2013 Device

This is a continue post of an old Nexus 7 makeover HERE. If you bought new Nexus 7 but the mobile interface does not actually suit you, you can change it by simply flashing a few files. These files will automaticlly change your interface to TabletUI.

This time changing the density will not suffice. The tablet has its protection and would not seem to have the correct interface, therefore you'll have to flash these files.


  1. The entire guide is beta, it is strongly recommended to make a full backup.
  2. Download these files according to your system-

After flashing (and deleting cache+dalvik) you'll probably notice the launcher is completely messed up. To fix this problem, you gotta use a third-party launcher such as Nova Launcher or Apex.

Note the mod is beta and may cause problems like notifications problem, user change problem and others. 

Please check the original XDA thread for FAQ&More info.

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