Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to root Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus [Android 4.1/4.2]

The Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus (i9105/P) is a newer version of an old high-end model Samsung Galaxy S2.
Besides the same display, look, hardware keys the S2 Plus version has a Broadcom processor chip and a Broadcom VideoCore GPU. The "Plus" version also has NFC. Although these models are almost the same, there's a big difference in available ROMs and rooting methods. This simple guide will help you to root your Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus running version 4.1.1 or 4.2.2+.

Requirements - 

  • This method is for i9105P version - be sure you have only this version by settings -> about phone.
  • Download Odin. I recommend the latest version.
  • Get the ClockWorkMod recovery HERE. (By If you're running Android 4.2.2, get THIS recovery. (Put this file to your SD-card) (If you're from India, follow the FAQ).
  • Next, download the SuperUser package (flashable zip) HERE. (Put this file to your SD-card)
  • Turn on USB Debugging at -> settings -> developer options.
  • Drivers

Be Sure -

  • Your battery level is up to 80% at least (to avoid sudden restarts during the rooting)
  • Samsung Kies is closed during the operation (if you don't have Kies, do not panic - you don't need it.)
  • You have drivers! (Original Samsung drivers are needed including the ADB).

Rooting - (Installing the CWM Recovery)

  1. Turn off your phone and boot it up to download mode. To do this, press and hold volume down + home + power button at the same time for a few seconds.
  2. Proceed you want to get into download mode.
  3. Launch the Odin from your computer and connect your phone booted into download mode to your PC via USB Cabel.
  4. Wait till the program detects your device and says Added! to the log.
  5. Uncheck the AutoReboot option.
  6. Click on PDA and select "GT-I9105P-recovery-droidviews.tar" file.
  7. Tap on Start.
  8. If you done everything right, you should see the PASS! message.
  9. You can close Odin. Disconnect your phone from the PC and pull the battery out to shut it off.
  10. Do not turn the device on.
  11. You just installed the ClockWorkMod recovery on your device! Now you need to root it by installing the SuperSU package.

Rooting - (Now It's really rooting.)

  1. After installing the recovery, you need to get into recovery mode to use it for flashing the zip.
  2. Press and hold volume up + power button + home button at the same time. (The recovery is bugged a bit, so you need to release it and then press it again - you'll see.)
  3. Choose install zip from sdcard. (use volume keys to scroll up/down)
  4. Now choose choose zip from sdcard. Select "" 
  5. After isntalling, choose reboot system now option.
  6. You're done! 

Troubleshooting -

  • I can't see the Added! message - Odin doesn't recognize my device.
  • You didn't properly install the drivers. 

  • I am stuck at NAND Write!
  • Extract the GT-i9105P-recovery-droidviews.tar file and try to flash again.

  • Today's my bad day and nothing works!
  • Odin has a lot of known issues - try to reboot your PC, change the USB input (try the back side of the PC), uninstall the current version of Odin and try another.

  • I am from India and the recovery doesn't work for me!
  • Then you should download the recovery image for Indian versions HERE.

  • Odin gives me FAIL! message everytime I try to flash!
  • Try to reboot your PC, change the USB port or download THIS recovery and try it again.

  • I am running Android 4.2.2 and I cannot get into recovery mode.
  • Be sure you flashed the right file.


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