Sunday, August 4, 2013

How to protect WiFi against sniffing attacks?

FaceNiff, WifiKill, dSploit, Droidsheep, Droidsniff, ettercap, AirCrack and many others. These "evil" apps sniffing and stealing passwords, sessions, grabbing cookies are really currish. But how to stop them? Well, the answer is easy.

This application defends you and others for being sniffed on the network. It's the Wifi protector. It's specially designed to protect the site against ARP Spoofing attacks.
When abnormal behaviour is detected, an alert is triggered. The type of alert can be configured. Detection, basic protection and alert work on all phones. On rooted phones it is also possible to reconfigure the phone to make it immune against the attack

App will smartly alert you and also shows the MAC/IP Address of attacker.

It's very useful on open networks, where the attack can start basicly anytime.

Check also the original XDA thread.

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