Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How to free up RAM the best way on Android?

Remember how fast your phone was when you first bought it? Remember that speed, that smoothness? Now, with this awesome app, your device will run as smoothly as it did the first day!

This cool app, even listed in Top apps for rooted phones definitely deserves its own post. I guess this is the smartest and best way how to free up some RAM.
The application is called Greenify. 

How's my RAM on it?

I've built up a little test so you can make a picture how good/bad is your RAM state.

For 512MB RAMs -
  • 95 and lower - Very bad.
  • 100 - 150     -  Normal.
  • 160 and up   -  Very good!
For 1024MB RAMs -

  • 250 and lower - Very bad.
  • 300 - 400        -  Normal.
  • 400 and up      - Very good!

You can check your free RAM by settings -> applications -> running

Listed applications are running in the background, therefore they are "stealing" the RAM.
First way, you can force close them. That is a good idea, but these application will start again every time you launch them. Second way, you can use Greenify.

Let's hibernate some!

Greenify frees the RAM by hibernating these apps. With this proccess, the app is ended and put to sleep untill you open it again. When the application is closed it's hibernated again.
With this simple proccess your RAM will not suffer anymore!

Greenify *ROOT: Renew my Phone - screenshot thumbnailGreenify *ROOT: Renew my Phone - screenshot thumbnailGreenify *ROOT: Renew my Phone - screenshot thumbnail

Root is needed.

Please do not hibernate any alarm clocks, or instant messagging apps like WhatsApp, otherwise you won't recieve any messages and alarm will not ring! :)

Cover art
Click to Greenify!

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