Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hacker's Home - All The Hacks You Need In Your Pocket

How do hackers hack account? How to create a virus? How to crack passwords? How to crack WiFi? The answers can be found in Hacker's Home app. Hacker's Home is a complete hacker's handbook and contains absolutely everything you need to know to become a hacker.

Don't learn to hack, hack to learn. That's what does the app say. It cointains absolutely everything you may need:

  • Computer Hacking / Protection
  • WiFi Hacking / Protection
  • Instant Facebook Hacks Tutorial
  • Hacking / Protecting Website
  • Email Hacking / Protection
  • Backtrack 5 Tutorials
  • Windows Tricks and Hacking
  • Virus Protection / Hacking
  • Bypassing School Security
  • Speed Up Your Internet Connection
  • Optimize Your PC
  • Password Cracking Tutorials
  • Strong your own security

Besides hacking and attacking, the app also offers protection - virus protection, email hack protection or computer overall protection. This application is completely safe so you have no reason to be worried.
The main author, Yeshu Agarwal is a PC expert & developer and even helped multi-national companies by making their sites. Thus the app is absolutely serious and harmless.

Except the walkthroughs and tutorials, the app offers also live chat with people all over the world, which can help you with your problems.

The application is for educational purposes ONLY. Do not abuse them - it may be illegal. The real hacker never harm anyone's computer! (Unless he's a cracker >.<)

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