Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Useful floating tools for your device!

Tiny apps is a new application of five useful floating tools:

Tiny Notes
- save notes to your storage
- open saved notes
- share text right out of Tiny Notes
- copy and paste supported

Tiny Recorder
- start a recording and save it to your storage
- delete and share recordings
Tiny Paint
- trace something on your screen
- open and save paintings
- select one of 36 colors
- undo possibility
- clear canvas
Tiny Musicplayer
- lists all musicfiles on your device
- displays artist, title and albumcover
- play/pause, next, previous
- select random sequence
- enable repeatmode
Tiny Calculator
- calculate simple and complex arithmetical problems
- switch between basic and advanced numberpad
- copy the result to your clipboard

[Words of dev.]

All of these apps came floating - that means you can open, customize them, do everything you want and these apps will "float" in a front of other apps.

Must have app! Download HERE (Free version) and HERE (Paid version)

The paid version of the app contains:

- dock windows to the left side of your screen
- adjust a window's transparency by using your volumebuttons

- 2 additional Tiny Apps: widgets and browser

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