Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[UPDATED]How to reverse tether?

An awesome guide by capslock66 shows the easiest way how to reverse tether.
For those who don't know what does it mean - Reverse tethering is the opposite of classic tethering - you can access the net connection just by connecting your phone/tablet to your PC. No wifi or 3G sites are required..

The reverse tethering requires root but there's also a guide that supposedly work on non-rooted phones.
Read more HERE.

Now to original guide:

Requirements before starting:

  • A rooted phone
  • Drivers!
  • USB Debugging ON (Developer settings -> USB Debugging)

First, download the ReverseTethering3.7 file. This file contains several files like ADB, AAPT, AndroidTool (Which will launch the main application) and a few .APK files.

Copy these files to your phone/tablet:   HackConnectivityService.apk
                                                           Tracetool service.apk

Install them and open the USBTunnel. Ensure you allowed the root access to the app. Now open the AndroidTool from your PC.

Select your device (If doesnt show up, click refresh.), and click Connect.
After a few more seconds you should be able to access the internet.

You should see something like this.

Note that some browser won't work so don't be worried.
Tested browser (Working) - Stock browser from AOSP-Rom, Opera browser, Mozilla.

If you want to download apps from the Google play market, install the XposedFramework and Install this service.Then go to module section tab and check the HackConectivityService. Finally, reboot your phone to take effect.

For older versions of Android - Enable 3G sites before you start to reverse tethering. Your data should come to the USB so you won't lose your money for fees.


If your device is not listed in the app -

  • Ensure you have correct drivers for your device and ADB is fully working.
  • Ensure you have the USB Debugging Enabled!
If you cannot load anything - 
  • Ensure you are using supported browser
  • If you done everything correctly but still no download (only upload shows up a little bit) - change the DNS to
Sometimes the ADB is not working properly and you have to kill it by going to Tools section and Kill ADB  option. Than restart the app.

[Original XDA thread Here]

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