Sunday, July 14, 2013

iOS7 Quick Settings on Android

It's been a while since the new iOS7 has been published with brand new interface, icons and features like the Quick Settings bar. This bar has a similar function as a notification bar on Android does. It allows you to turn WiFi/bluetooth on/off, customize brightness open recent apps etc.
Now you can get this bar on your Android device, too!

You don't need to be rooted or flash anything, this app comes as a free application from Google Play Store!

The main features are:

- Support iPhone iOS 7 UI Style and Assistive Touch feature
- Support same look and touch feeling with iPhone
- Support wifi on/off
- Support rotation on/off
- Support volume up/down
- Support data connection(2G/3G/4G) on/off
- Support volume silent
- Support bluetooth and flashlight on/off
- Support Airplane Mode, Brightness, Vibration function
- Support quickly open Clock
- Support quickly open Calculator
- Support quickly launch Camera
- Support quickly open GameCenter
- Support above function in lock screen
- Support GPS and Data sync On/Off
- Support French and Russian
- Support shortcut in Samsung Phone and Nexus 4

Basically, it is the same case with the Sense 5 Quick Settings bar. You can get it on your device as well by clicking on THIS link.

This is how the Control CEnter - iOS7 Style app looks:

The app comes with two versions:  FREE and PAID.

The paid version offers you more customizations and you will surely gladden the developer.

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