Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to restore deleted files?

Deleted your imported files out of your device? Want them back? No problem! This guide will help you out even your device is not rooted!

SD-Card recover - Easy,Peasy.

If you deleted your files out of your SD-card, It's easy to recover it.
All you need is -

  • SD-Card reader (USB Mass Storage)
  • a computer
  • Recuva 
If you don't have a SD-card reader, turn on the MSC protocol on your device (Mass storage).
Now, download the RECUVA. Don't forget to run this program as an administrator. (Right click - run as n admin). You don't need root for this.

Internal Memory?

This is a guide that I won't post here beacuse it's too long and difficult. However, you can get it HERE.

[ROOT] Simple recovery

Root makes it simple. This app will automaticly find the deleted files and recover them. It can  recover over 1000 types of files - Music, .APK files, photos..just everything.

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