Friday, July 19, 2013

How to make your smartphone look like stock Android?

If you desire to look your phone as the "clean Android" does, you will have to pass a few steps but It's quite easy and no root access is required!
Let's split the entire walkthrough into a few steps - Statusbar, Launcher, Lockscreen, Wallpaper, Keyboard and applications.


To look your statusbar like in stock Android, you just need to download an app that could do that.

Try one of these - StatusBar+  or  Omega StatusBar


There are bunch of launcher that can make you phone look like stock Android, but I fully recommend you the Nova Launcher. No bugs, fast and with a lot of customizations. The launcher also contains Stock ICONS.

Download HERE


Unfortunately, I found a lockscreen that has its interface to an older version of Android (4.1) but It's fully workable and it is free.

Download Holo Locker HERE


Google has leaked its application that is ported from stock Android - It's Google Keyboard from Android 4.2.2! So It contains all of the features including the new swype feature!

My original post

Download HERE (Mediafire - I won't post it on G-play due to block in certain countries)


Wallpapers can be downloaded separately from internet but there's more comfortable way by downloading the app that contains all of them.

Download Jelly Bean Wallpapers HERE

If you wish to have the original Live wallpaper from Android 4.3, visit THIS post.


Well, you can't have all of the stock apps but there are some ported apps that can be installed without root.

Original Android4.3 camera + gallery HERE
And of course, Google Calendar,Translator,Keep,Maps,VoiceSearch etc. have also interface from stock Android.


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