Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to fake your Android version?

The Android 4.3 has not been relased yet, but you can dupe your unacquainted friends by modyfing your system and get fake Android 5.0!

And how to do that?

You need:

  1. Root Access
  2. Root explorer

This is very simple.
  • Open your root file explorer and navigate to - System -> build.prop
  • Open this build.prop in a text editor so you can modify this file.
  • Search for your system version (Should be something like this: ro.system.version and your Android version - For example = system.version-4.1.2)
  • Delete that version
  • Type in your desired value (For example = 4.3.1)
  • Go to your friend and dupe him.
You can modify almost everything that you find in "about phone" section. (Settings->About phone)

Please note that modyfing your build.prop can stop firmware updates so please make a backup.

This is how it looks: (actually modified to 4.3.1)

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