Tuesday, July 30, 2013

5 Best hacking apps for Android

Considering the site name AndroidHackz, there should be a lots of various hacking apps, sniffers and so on. Now's the time to unite them with a name of Best Hacking Apps for Android. These are five best apps that I use.

Please note that all these applications are only for educational purposes and stealing personal data may be illegal in some countries. Use these applications carefully and with responsibility.

#1 - FaceNiff

This first app developed by B. Ponury is a sniffing app that listens to cookies and personal data sent away from the net and steals them. You can steal a lot of various accounts using this app - Facebok, Youtube, Blogger...and much more accounts like this. The application is really rough - due to the SSL Strip you can hack even HTTPS Protected sites.

More info about the app + download HERE.

#2 - WifiKill

Second app, developed also by B.Ponury is an app which can kill connections and kick site-hoggers from the site. This app definitely kick then net user from the site so he cannot use it anymore. The app also offers the list of viewed sites by the hogger.

More info about the app + download HERE.

#3 - dSploit

Next app, called dSploit is one of the best hacking toolkits. It offers you the features of FaceNiff, WifiKill and much more features like - Site redirecting, picture + javascript injecter to sites, password stealer, and bunch of more features!

More info about the app + download HERE. (Official site)

#4 - DroidSniff

Similar to DroidSheep but with newer and much more prettier interface is DroidSniff - sniffing app not only for Facebook. This app shows you what is the hogger looking for and then you can "take" his control, steal the cookies and rock'n'roll. Works perfectly.

More info about the app + download HERE.

#5 - Network Spoofer

The last app, called NetWork Spoofer is very similar to dSploit but it's more easier to use. Only hitch is that you need to have at least  500MB of free data. It offers you a lot of troll features - change Google searches, flip images, redirect websites, swap YouTube videos and others.

More info about the app + download HERE.


If you have any problem with the applications listed above, write to comments. But please note, the applications require root access and complete installation of BusyBox. Not all of the applications are supported for all devices so if you even can't run the app it's because your device is not supported yet.

If you think I missed any apps - write it down to comments and I will make another part :)

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