Wednesday, June 19, 2013

[UPDATED] Ported SGS4 apps for all Android devices!

At last the applications from Galaxy S4 have been ported to another devices! The applications should be working fine on CM 10/10.1+ but also for another stock JellyBean ROMs. Not all of these apps are guaranted to work, so please make a backup before doing anything.
1.S Health (install it as a normal apk)

2.trim (install it as a normal apk -not working on some devices)

Samsung Link (install it as a normal apk)

4.S voice update (need to install on light JB v1.2 ROM or any rom having an older s voice)

5.Samsung Watch

6.Paper artist: (install it as a normal apk)

7.S-translate (requires samsung account ,working after a reboot)


Original lockscreen:

S4 Media Player:

S4 Statusbar:

S4 System UI (Icons)


These were the most wanted apps ported from Galaxy S4.
You can get more apps here: (Source also)

Thanks, amitnv.

Galaxy S4 Launcher - [UPDATED]

Flash via ClockWorkMod Recovery, don't forget to wipe cache and dalvik cache.

Galaxy S4 Weather Widget -

Weather Widget + Wallpaper + Launcher for XHDPI phones -

Weather Widget for HDPI Phones -

I cannot guarantee this will work on your device. The widget or launcher may not show up or may cause bootlop, so please make a backup.

Thanks to


Original XDA Thread

General Installation guide -

  • Downloaded a .ZIP file? Flash it.
  • Got an installable .APK file? Install it.
  • Got an .APK File that cannot be installed? Push it to /system/app and change the permisssion to rw-r-r-. If the app is replacing anything, delete the old one. Don't forget to clean the cache + dalvik!

Note I won't be responsible if anything goes wrong. Make a backup.

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Original S4 Lockscreen available for ALL ANDROID DEVICES without root access!



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