Wednesday, June 12, 2013

[APP] Get AndroidHackz on the go!

Boom! We've just released AndroidHackz app! This app will inform you about everything that happens here and many other sites like AndroidPolice, AndroidCommunity, AndroidAuthority, TalkAndroid and so on! Get the AndroidHackz on the go now!


1.0 - App built
2.0 - Added some feed and stuff
2.1 - Added three more seeds, icon changed, bug fixes, section icons changed
2.2 - Less data usage by fixing the synchronization, icon of section "hackz" changed, added Android Authority feed, theme set to black, added feedback where you can ask me.
2.3 - Added new feeds - Android Police + Android Central. Update interval changed to 2 hours, kinda moved the sort of modules, minor fixes.
2.3.1 - Added splash screen, light theme set as custom, changed icon, tiny improvements, bug fixes.

Current version: 2.3.1 [Updated 11.10.2013]

DOWNLOAD AndroidHackz app!

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