Sunday, May 19, 2013

How do I change the voltage of my CPU?

Overvolting/Undervolting is a good thing. For example, you can save your battery life by undervolting and have the same performance.
You need to be rooted.

How to undervolt my CPU safely?
Many people ask, If it's safe. The answer is: Yes, it is. You have no reason to be scared out of this. The other thing is undervolting CPU in your PC. It's really easy to burn your processor there.
If you do something wrong with your CPU (Now we're talking about Android devices), it just shuts-down.
It WON'T burn out. So don't be scared.

Now, how to do that:
You need some kernel that supports CPU voltage. Search for it and flash it.
After this, download the application Voltage Control (
Now go to -> Voltages
You can see the current voltages in this section. Let's change the 100Mhz voltage. Get some pen and a paper. Lower the value -5mV. Nothing happened? Lower it again. It's gonna freeze some time, so don't be scared. If it freeze, you've gone too far. Increase it and continue to 200Mhz...500Mhz...etc.

Don't mark the "set on boot" option or your phone won't boot up!

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