Friday, March 8, 2013

Why you shouln't use task killers?

Task killer - almost everyone has it.. But why? Whats the real reason? Boost your phone? Nonsense.
 The task-killers just "kill" the application and clears the cache. And that's the fault. Android can do this thing on its own when is urge to do it. No need to install any of these task-killers.
Let's make a simple example:

You are in settings menu. Browsing there, set something...doesn't matter. After that, you close the application, and kill it via task killer. After a few minutes later, you open the settings again. The application has been killed before, so it will have to load again. The task killer also cleared the app-cache, so it will be much slower. It will also drain more battery! After closing the  settings, you kill the app again, and the "circle" is repeating again. Slower loading, battery drain....


On the other side, if you won't use the task killer:
You are in settings menu. Browsing.......After that, you close the application, but won't kill it.
After a few minutes later, you open it again. The app will load much faster, because it hasn't been killed before and it has its own cache (That will help to load it faster). The processor won't have to work hard, because of the cache etc. So your battery won't drain so hard as it was if you killed the application.

Try it. Just uninstall the task-killer app and see what happens :)
Think about it!

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